Share the benefits of VFL

If you’re already a VFL Finance customer, you know the great rates we offer and the flexible packages we provide, so why not enable others to share in your discovery? You, your employees and your family stand to benefit.

Whether your receptionist needs a faster car to get her to work on time, or your nephew needs help buying a gruntier 4WD, we are delighted to be able to extend your preferential rates to your company staff and your family members. We promise to offer them a fast response and our invaluable professional advice.

Simply talk to us today and we’ll give you a code to share.

Perk of the job!

“When my boss told me I was the top candidate for managing his new cafe I was over the moon. Then he explained that, in addition to a great salary and working environment, I could get access to preferential finance packages through VFL. Perks like that make this the kind of company I’m really happy to work for.”