Information for borrowers

Have you changed your address?

If you change your address you need to call us on 03 379-8530 and let us know your new contact details.

Consumer Finance Contracts

Our standard fees & charges

Information about our credit fees, default fees and rates (the cost of borrowing) are available to download here. Call us on 03 379-8530 or email us through the ‘find out more’ link at the bottom of this page if you require more information.

Our standard form terms and conditions

A copy of our terms, conditions and standard form contracts for consumer finance customers are available to download here. You can also call us on 03 379-8530 or email us through the ‘find out more’ link at the bottom of this page if you require more information.

Our lending rates

Our consumer lending rates range from 9.95% – 19.95%.  The interest rate that you will be charged will depend on a number of factors including (but not limited to) the asset you are borrowing to purchase, the amount of deposit or equity that you have available, the term of the agreement, your credit repayment history and your risk profile.

Hardship & COVID-19 Support

We know that unexpected things can happen in life and you might not be financially prepared to cope. For example, losing your job or getting sick may cause you to struggle with your loan repayments.

If you find yourself in a situation like this then we encourage you to contact us and talk through how your change in circumstances is impacting your financial position.  We might be able to offer you some assistance to help you deal with the financial difficulties you’re facing.

We’ll take the time to understand your situation, ask you for information on your financial position and carefully consider how we might be able to help you get your loan back on track.

If you’re having trouble paying or you think you may be about to run into trouble making your repayments the sooner you let us know the better.  To apply for hardship assistance please call us on 03 379-8530 – whatever the reason, we want to help.

What happens if you default under
an agreement with us?

Under the agreement you have certain obligations to meet, including the obligation to make regular payments. VFL has a security interest in the goods that it has financed for you. If you fail to meet your commitments under the agreement, we may be entitled to repossess and sell those goods. If the sale of the goods does not cover your outstanding debt to us, you will remain liable for the shortfall.


If you have a complaint about your loan, our service, the way the loan was sold to you, or the way your claim is being handled you need to email us via the ‘find out more’ link below or phone us on 03 379-8530 and discuss your problem with us first.

If the person you’re dealing with is unable to resolve the matter, they’ll refer it to the appropriate person who’ll acknowledge your complaint within 2 business days and aim to resolve your complaint within 15 business days. If further investigation is required, they’ll discuss an alternative timeframe with you.

VFL is a member of FSCL’s dispute resolution scheme.  If we cannot agree on how to resolve your complaint or if you are still not happy with the outcome of your complaint then you can contact FSCL for assistance with resolving the dispute.  Financial Services Complaints Limited (FSCL) is an independent, not-for-profit, external dispute resolution scheme approved by the Minister of Consumer Affairs.  FSCL’s service is free and they will help resolve your complaint.

It’s important to note that if you haven’t tried to resolve your problem with us first then FSCL will direct your complaint back to us.

Dispute resolution scheme

VFL is a member of FSCL’s dispute resolution scheme and our registration number is 491.

If you have made a complaint with us and you’re still not happy with the outcome of how we handled your complaint you can contact FSCL for assistance:

Financial Services Complaints Limited
Level 4, Sybase House, 101 Lambton Quay, Wellington 6011

Freephone: 0800 347-257


Privacy Policy

When you apply for credit, products and services from us we collect personal information from you, including information about:

  • Your personal and contact information including full name, date of birth, address, telephone numbers and email address
  • Your identification verification information, including passport and driver’s licence documents
  • Your credit records, loan details, banking history, employment and financial information

We collect your personal information in order to:

  • Verify your identity and meet our anti money laundering compliance obligations
  • Assess your application to obtain finance from us
  • Manage your account(s) with us including maintaining your credit records with credit reporting agencies, pursuing arrears and any money that you owe us
  • Complying with any other use, obligation, permitted reason or requirement of law in New Zealand

Besides our staff, the third parties that we share this information with include:

  • credit reference and reporting agencies in order to assess your application for finance, account monitoring, ongoing repayment history with us and default information
  • Government agencies including the Ministry of Justice to obtain fines information, NZ Transport Authority to obtain drivers licence verification, Department of Internal Affairs for identification verification, Motor Vehicle Register and Personal Property Securities Register to assist with the application.
  • Electronic identification verification providers that we have engaged to verify your identity on our behalf as part of our anti money laundering compliance requirements
  • Anyone who guarantees any money that you owe us
  • Debt collection agencies
  • External dispute resolution scheme
  • Other entities within the VFL Finance Group of companies
  • Law enforcement, government agencies and regulators to comply with any law, rule, or regulatory requirement.

Providing some information is optional however if you choose not to provide any of the information that we have requested, we may be unable to provide credit, products or services to you.

You have the right to ask for a copy of any personal information we hold about you, and to ask for it to be corrected if you think it is wrong. If you’d like to ask for a copy of your information, or to have it corrected you can call us on 03 379-8530 or alternatively you can contact us through one of the methods listed here on our About Us page.

Do you want to know more?

If you have any other questions or you would like us to explain something you have read here in more detail you can call us on 03 379-8530 or use the ‘find out more’ link below to send us an email.

On this page you’ll find information on:

  • What to do if you change your address
  • Our contracts, standard fees and charges
  • What to do if you’re having trouble paying
  • What happens if you default
  • Our complaint resolution process
  • The dispute resolution scheme we belong to
  • Our Privacy Policy